The Consilium of Washington, DC

The Rules of Engagement of the Consilium of Washington, DC:

The Hierarch and the Councilors are elected by the Consilium at Large. There are always four Councilors, and Provosts serve as substitutes between elections. The Councilors may counter or overturn the Hierarch’s decrees by unanimous vote. The Councilors may make decrees with 3 votes, which the Hierarch can overturn, and the Consilium at Large may veto this action by the Hierarch.

Councilors and the Hierarch hold their positions until death or retirement or impeachment by a majority vote of the Consilium at Large.

Voting rules:
One vote token for being Awakened.
One vote token per Arcana you’ve mastered
One per elected or appointed position.

Vote tokens may be traded, awarded by the Hierarch or the Council as a reward, or removed or transferred by the Hierarch or the Council as a punishment.

Heirarch Steele strongly disapproves of the use of dueling to resolve issues intra-consilium disputes.

Obrimos: 110
Mastigos: 125
Moros: 90
Thyrsus: 100
Acanthus: 75

The Silver Ladder: 200
The Guardians of the Veil: 105
The Mysterium: 65
The Free Council: 60
The Adamantine Arrow: 70

Consilium Leadership
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The Consilium of Washington, DC

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