The Freshman Class

Washington Post

Washington post brandon carey final

The Quotable Cabal

“I will bury you alive.”
“If you’d gotten some proper education, maybe you’d know better.”
“Get off your Ivory Tower and stick it up your ass.”
“I’m surprised you can use that cell phone so well with your head so far up your ass.”
“Oh. By the way, Renegade. Best. Sleepwalker. Ever.”
“Santero bought her a Terrorist Phone. It’s all good.”
“I’ve seen the future, Howl, and it doesn’t involve this spider living.”
“You’ll bring me more pollen?”
“This is the Bear Liberation Front! We have come for your people!”
“Has it really gotten to the point where it’s easier to fake a terrorist attack than a gas leak?”
“Remember our motto: subtle as a freight train.”
“Patrick for Prince!”

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